Wednesday, March 25, 2009

St. George

What a crazy weekend!!! Andrea, Aubrey, and I decided to head to St. George for the weekend as Spanish Fork High School’s baseball team was participating in a tournament there. The trip started out quite well. In fact, when we very first got there we made our way to In and Out.

It starts . . .
We made a wrong turn and ended up back on the freeway. Ha ha ha! It was only a ten minute detour, so it wasn’t too bad, but it was a precursor to the rest of our crazy trip. After we ate it was time to go to our hotel, only it wasn’t the hotel we thought we had booked. Check this out, you had to go into the laundry room of the hotel to get to the door of our room! WHAT!!!

The place was totally ghetto. Andrea’s parents were staying in another room that smelled and had two doors. The back door had SIX different locks on it! The pool was out of service, and the pool guy kept walking around it and belching a lot.

Needless to say, we weren’t thrilled. But, we couldn’t get a refund so we headed into our room. The first thing Aubrey did was turn on the T.V. and much to our dismay the first thing on the screen was something totally inappropriate. Oh dear!

We took some time there and then headed to the shops. On the way out of the parking lot some dude in another room waved at us. He had a long ponytail, wife beater tank on, and he was balancing a beer can in the hand he wasn’t using to wave. YIKES! After a little shopping we headed to the baseball fields. Lo and behold, we couldn’t find them. We were totally at the wrong school and it took us forever to get to the right place. While we were at the game Andrea decided to put on some sunscreen and it just so happened that she spilled on my back and her black pants. The game was boring because Spanish was totally killing the team they were playing so we left early. On the way back to the hotel we saw some old guy on his balcony, barbequing, in his whitey tighties.

Friday night we met with our friend Kali for dinner. Dinner was pretty normal, but as we were getting in the car to leave there were these men parked next to us trying to get into their truck. One of the guys asked the driver why he wasn’t getting in the truck and in the gruffest, funniest voice ever he said, “I can’t, their getting’ in their car.”

After dinner we went to rent a red box movie and on the way out of the parking lot these boys in a car next to us who had the music blaring and apparently really scared Andrea. I’m not sure on the story there, but I thought I would mention it.

Saturday we spent most of the day shopping for which I was glad. I purchased some fun new stuff. There were a lot of things that happened that day but I can’t remember it all. Here is what I do know. I got sick that night so I missed the championship game. Andrea and Aubrey went and guess what should happen to appear running down centerfield? A streaker! Yeah, I’m glad I was sick! Well, at least Spanish Fork won and we made it back to Provo safely.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Amazing Finds

I was in the shower the other morning and I noticed a piece of my roommates hair on the shower wall. I found Benjamin Franklin in my bathroom! Isn't this picture crazy weird? Ha ha!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Bucket List

1. Write My Will
2. Write My Own Topical Guide For The Standard Works
3. Write A Letter To Congress
4. Write A Book
5. Win A Poetry Contest
6. Wear A Formal Evening Gown, Eat Junk Food, And Watch Chick Flicks All Day
7. Watch Wicked On Broadway
8. Wallpaper An Entire Room With Post-its
9. Walk On The Great Wall Of China
10. Volunteer Someone For Oprah Or TLC
11. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen
12. Visit The Holy Land*
13. Visit Stonehenge
14. Visit Auschwitz
15. Visit All Fifty States
16. Visit A Tibetan Monastery
17. Touch A Big Cat
18. Teach Sunday School*
19. Taste A Habanero Pepper
20. Swim With Dolphins
21. Surf
22. Start A Food Fight
23. Squish Grapes In A Vat Between My Toes
24. Spend Valentine’s Day With My Best Friend*
25. Spend A Full Day At The Spa
26. Snow Ski
27. Sleep In A Castle
28. Sky Dive*
29. Sit On A Jury
30. Sew A Jean Quilt
31. Send An Anonymous Love Letter*
32. Send A Care Package to A Soldier
33. See The Pyramids*
34. See the Northern Lights
35. See Rome (Does seeing it from the airport count?)*
36. See Lady Liberty*
37. Run In A Race
38. Ride An Elephant
39. Take the GRE*
40. Remember Family Members Birthdays For The Entire Year
41. Read Thoreau And Eat Fresh Peas On Walden Pond
42. Read the Silmarillion By J.R. Tolkien
43. Read The Book Of Mormon Every Year
44. Read For Children At A Local Library
45. Read Every C.S. Lewis Book
46. Raise Money For Humanitarian Aid
47. Publish Something
48. Post A Video On Youtube*
49. Play The Entire LDS Hymnbook On Piano
50. Plant A Tree
51. Own A Home
52. Own A Bocce Ball Set And Use It*
53. Meet A Member Of The Twelve
54. Make Pickles With Grandmas Recipe
55. Make My Own Jam
56. Make Fried Green Tomatoes
57. Learn To Play Tennis
58. Learn To Cut Men’s Hair*
59. Learn How To Use Photoshop*
60. Learn Again To Drive A Stick
61. Learn A Traditional Indian Dance In India
62. Kiss Under Mistletoe*
63. Kiss The Blarney Stone
64. Kiss Someone On New Year’s Eve*
65. Kiss My Spouse Everyday* (forever in progress)
66. Host A Super Bowl Party
67. Have My Own Booth At A Craft Fair
68. Have Lasik Eye Surgery*
69. Grow A Garden*
70. Go Up In A Hot Air Balloon
71. Go To The Louvre*
72. Go To Pike’s Place In Seattle
73. Go Through My Email Contacts And Contact Them Or Delete Them
74. Go Sailing
75. Go On An Alaskan Cruise
76. Go On A Temple Road Trip
77. Go On A Marathon Date
78. Get Season Tickets To Something Artsy
79. Get Married*
80. Get Acupuncture
81. Formulate An Actual Budget
82. Forgive* (forever in progress)
83. Fall Helplessly And Unconditionally In Love*
84. Exercise My Calligraphy Skills
85. Eat Sushi And Like It
86. Ride A Camel*
87. Eat Alligator
88. Donate Items To A Homeless Shelter
89. Do My Own Taxes*
90. Create My Own Blog Background
91. CPR Certify
92. Compile All Of My Journals
93. Come Up With A Recipe All On My Own
94. See The Eiffel Tower*
95. Catch A Big Fish
96. Bury A Time Capsule With My Future Family
97. Build A Huge Snow Fort
98. Build A Full Year Of Food Storage
99. Be Someone’s Soul Mate*
100. Adopt A Child

*Bucket List Items Accomplished!