Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do I have "insult me" written on my forehead?

I mean that all in good humor, referring back to my sweet nephew's remarks about my single status and "unemployment", and now my next story of a comment from a dear friend who will remain nameless to protect the not so innocent.

I'm enjoying a beautiful Sunday evening with a small group of friends.  We are eating pie and having a grand old time when my friend leans across the counter and says to me, "You know what's strange about your features?"  

WHAT?  Now, I'm single, unemployed, and I look strange?  Great, I have a lot going for me these days.  I'm going to develop a complex.  :)  

I was told I have Northern European cheeks and Southern European eyes, which is apparently unique?  Hmm . . .  he still tells me I'm hot so I guess I don't have to worry too much.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Woah slacker slacker

It's been some time, and while I have good intentions of catching up we all know where the road paved with good intentions leads. :)

So, two quick stories from the Nielsen family reunion this past Saturday.

I rode back to Provo with my sister and her kids. I have taken up a new hobby of knitting, so while we were driving I was knitting a scarf. The conversation as follows:

AJ: Amber, what are you going to do with your scarves?
Me: Oh, I think I might give them as gifts.
AP: You should sell them to make money because you don't have a job or a husband.

*Now, in my mind I'm thinking WHAT?

Me: AP, I have a job.
AP: Well, you don't have a husband. And, you could still sell them so you can have more money to buy stuff.

AP is on this I like having money so I can buy "stuff" kick. It's fab!

That was conversation number one. Number two was pretty great too. Talk about a darling little girl putting me in my place. This one also occurred as we were just enjoying (or something like that) the ride.

Me: AJ, what's going on?
AJ: YOU SHOULD KNOW! We're just sitting in the car being bored.

Ha ha, she is a very observant child.

I left my camera in my sisters car so pictures will be coming (a pie crust promise from an inconsistent blogger).

Until next time.