Monday, November 29, 2010


I was sitting on the floor, leaning against my yellow chair, wearing a green hoodie. Shalayne was sitting across from me. We do this every weekday morning from 7:00-7:30. We call it scripture study, but often we talk about life. Dating, work, studying for graduate exams, etc. come up in our morning discussions. Doctrinal questions and shared scriptures come up too! :)

Well, one particular morning last week another topic came up. It was the topic of, "Scare me out of my wits!" Shalane looked at me and told me not to move, which for me means I can only assume that there was probably a spider somewhere near or on me. This was the case. She came up to me and brushed something off my hood. I turned around and on my yellow chair was a HUGE spider. I think it was a common house spider, but they look enough like hobo spiders that I have been creeped out ever since. She told me she thought it was going to crawl down my neck. SICK!

Since then I have had two spider experiences.

no. 1
I had a dream where a gross, brown, hairy spider started charging me so I took my laptop and threw it on the thing. It bounced right off and the spider kept coming. I don't know what happened!

no. 2
This morning around 3:00 AM I felt something by my nose. I bolted upright in by bed while blowing air out of my nose and mouth and brushing frantically with my hands. I feel like I shot a spider from under my nose clear across my room. It was probably a hair, but I had an uneasy time going back to sleep.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amber's "insert adjective" Dating Life

One day, my friend called me fine. I asked her if she would please inform a gentleman friend of mine that this was the case. She drafted a letter to send to him. Please see:

Dear _________,
I would like to bring something to your attention. I’m sure you are already aware but are just too ______(fill in the blank with your own adjective, i.e. shy) to notice. AMBER IS FABULOUS! Not to mention funny, quirky, brilliant, talented, beautiful, hilarious, and gifted.
PS She could be that best thing that ever happened to you. I think you should take her on a date.
The End

Wasn't that nice? I showed another friend that letter and she came up with the following madlib:

Dear ___________(name of gentleman friend),

You are ____________(adjective). I would totally ___________(emotion) to go on a date with you to _______________(place). If you would like to do this date, please meet me at ____________(place) and we will eat ______________(food), and have a___________(adjective) time.

______________(closing sentiments)

______________(your name)

Well, I am sure of one thing, I have GREAT and FUNNY friends. Thanks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tasting Dishes Trial Run

I did it! Well, sort of. This was really just a dessert party, but I used my tasting dishes and it turned out well. Now I have acquired a few more tasting dishes and am planning a real tasting party very soon. This little dessert night though was fun. I had over some people from my temple shift. I do love the Tuesday Temple Team!