Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hand

I had an overnight work retreat on Thursday and Friday. I pretty much love the people I work with and it was fun to spend some good quality time with them talking about achieving our dreams both in the office and in our personal lives. Our theme was Dream Bigger. We had some good presentations and a lot of free time to play games and just chat. The food was also delicious. The most memorable moment though? Well, let's take a look at the following picture:

My friend Court and I got to share a room with 4 bunk beds wall to wall. I somehow lost track of Court and went looking for her. When I checked the bedroom I somehow got distracted by something in my backpack. So, there I am standing at the foot of my bed when this hand creeps out from underneath and I hear a creepy whispered growling sound. I YELPED! Ha ha! I'm so glad she didn't actually grab my leg. I'm thinking if she had I would have kicked leaving me with one less shin (the bed frame would have taken care of that) and her with one less half of a face (my foot would have taken care of that).

Oh, and if that wasn't enough . . .

I left my desk today for a moment or two and when I returned, she was hiding under it! Same creepy hand came out, same creepy whispered growl. I'm thinking revenge is in order. Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Allergy Relief?

Medical science rocks! I have had sinus infections and allergies all summer! In fact, it has lasted so long I forgot what it was like to hear normally because of the liquid in my ears. Ew gross! Well, I finally went to the doctor and within hours of taking the prescribed medication I could hear again. Like really hear! And, I could feel the difference between having liquid in my ears and not. It was a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, within a few days I learned that there is a trade off.


dry mouth
trouble sleeping

Don't worry too much though; I am only experiencing the last three. :)