Saturday, October 19, 2013

A few items I made for our Relief Society Service Auction.  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Bags

I made a busy box filled with busy bags to give for our Relief Society Service Auction. I am going to have to make some more of these!









Friday, June 3, 2011

January 2011: I Started Dating The Love Of My Life

The first time I saw him, I don't actually remember, but I do know that I thought he was a good looking guy. The first time I met him, he doesn't actually remember, but I do know that he was dating someone. The first time we talked one on one, we both remember, but I do know that he wasn't really interested even though I thought he certainly was.

That first one on one was at a ward activity in November. I was studying for the GRE, around that time, and he offered to help me simply because he loves math. Well, like I would let that opportunity pass! I already knew he was attractive, smart, and funny so even if I hadn't needed the help, I still would have taken it. He came over a few times and really did help me (I got into graduate school). I decided to make him dinner as a thank you. We also spent a little bit of time together because we worked together in a calling in our church. Then, I went on my Paris, Egypt, and Israel trip. When I returned, he asked if I would tell him about my trip. It blossomed from there. Actually I think what really got him interested was the fact that I wanted to play a video game with him. What really got me interested was the fact that he kept wanting to see me, and his GIANT GOOD heart is so easy to see.

Now, in a few short weeks I will get to marry that good looking guy who is now my best friend. How cool is that? Oh, and I get to marry him knowing that our relationship will last forever. How even more cool is that?

Amber and Marcus sitting in a tree for e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. Cheesy? Yes. And I truly hope we don't have to sit in a tree for that long!

Christmas 2010 - Israel

Old City Jaffa

The Baha'i Gardens

The Jordan River

The Tomb of Lazarus

The Garden Tomb
I could write a million thoughts about the trip to Israel, and I did in my journal. I could talk about everything from the intrigue of the Baha'i religion, the delightful taste of falafel and persimmons, the fun we had and friendships made, to the lessons our tour guide gave us and the spirit we felt, but I think what it all really boils down to is the last site we visited. I think that most people have some significant feelings when they approach The Garden Tomb, and it was no different for me. What it all really boils down to though, even more than being there, at the traditional site, is that He lives. The Atonement is real and is effective our lives, in my life. If you ever want a little trip to Israel, just read an account of the resurrection and you will know what it feels like to be there.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Egypt

I think for this post I will share some thoughts from my journal and post some pictures at the end.

Cairo, what a sight! The Pyramids, camel rides, the Sphinx, the Nile; they are all incredible. I'm not sure seeing is believing though. It was slightly surreal. The Pyramids inspired awe simply by the engineering, but the reason for building them inspires thought. What of gods and the afterlife? There is so much in every culture that leads me to wonder if the gospel was fashioned by man from pieces of other cultures and religions, but then I have to stop myself because the boy prophet Joseph Smith did not have access to the knowledge we have now, and although I can't answer every question, the gospel just fits all of the pieces together so perfectly that there is no other explanation. The gospel is true!

People are beautiful. How can you not look at them and just know, as C.S. Lewis reminds us, that we would be in awe if we really understood that we were seeing divine beings.

So I am seeing wonders of the world, but the real majestic wonders aren't seen. They are felt. That is why we can't see proof the truth of the gospel. If we did it might be surreal and hard to fathom, but we can feel it and through feeling we know.

I'm reminded of the play I saw at the beginning of the summer, To Kill A Mockingbird. I know the story, but the play yanked my heart all over the place and I had a good friend who also saw it remind me of how we should be treating one another - human kindness. Our tour guide mentioned how in school he learned that there are all kinds of people. That is why there is tourism. If we were all the same there would be nothing interesting to go see because we would have already seen it or we would already know it. Then he said how we not one better than the other, just one different from the other and my heart sank. We wouldn't have to teach that if we really believed it and lived it. I often ask myself why we are so hard on each other and sometimes even cruel, but that is not the question I should ask. My question should be, where in my life do I treat others in an unkind manner and what can I do to change it? I want to change the world, but I need to remember my heart has to be changed first and always focusing on love. Love is Christ, after all.

I love that this trip has me asking life changing questions and that I didn't just enjoy the sights. Though, I did do that as well. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Paris

Paris smells wonderful. I've been told this is not actually true and in the summertime I might agree, but my nose had a wonderful winter experience in the city of love. I think everyone there uses the same detergent because I really noticed the wonderful fragrance in my bed sheets, but it's the same scent I smelled everywhere we went from the airport shuttle to the people in the Louvre. I miss that smell!

After our visit to the Eiffel Tower we thought it might be fun to find our way back to the hotel on foot. It was fun to wander through Paris, but we did get lost. We knew the general direction we wanted to go and at one point when we were quite close to our destination we pulled out the map again. An older French gentleman saw us looking at our map and stopped to help. He didn't speak any English, but he talked and talked and talked. He figured out where we wanted to go and drew us a map with street names. It's a good thing our hotel was near the Pantheon so we could at least communicate that's where we were trying to go.

The Louvre was awesome! I would definitely go back! I could spend months in there. I was so impressed with all of the paintings that depicted either the Savior's birth or crucifixion. I love that so many artists have portrayed Christ in some fashion.

The Mona Lisa was pretty incredible to see in person. I don't really understand her fame, but she is beautiful, and it was just fun to be a part of something so famous.

Paris is COLD in the wintertime, but I loved to experience all of the traditional touristy things as well as some of the culture and I especially loved the food.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 9

That is the day I was born, and 29 years later I had a Silly Sock Soiree to celebrate. Please see the success of my par-tay in photo form.

The Food

The Friends

The Friends and Socks

And More Friends

And Even More Friends and Socks

The Games

Pin the Sock on the Foot

And Sweet Jamen Letting Me Catch a Shot of Our Silly Socks After Party Time

Gray Toe Socks and Striped Skull Socks
Who Could Ask For More?