Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 9

That is the day I was born, and 29 years later I had a Silly Sock Soiree to celebrate. Please see the success of my par-tay in photo form.

The Food

The Friends

The Friends and Socks

And More Friends

And Even More Friends and Socks

The Games

Pin the Sock on the Foot

And Sweet Jamen Letting Me Catch a Shot of Our Silly Socks After Party Time

Gray Toe Socks and Striped Skull Socks
Who Could Ask For More?


family said...

fun! how 'bout bringing some of that food my way?

T-Ray said...

Cutest treats ever AND such a fun party! Thanks for letting me join in the celebration

Rain Coyote said...

Remember how you've disappeared from the world of blog? It's a good thing I sit next to you at work or I would think you'd vanished.